Esen Elektrik


halfDOME İkaz Kuleleri
  • Visual-audible signal tower in half dome design
  • For universal industrial, building and other applications
  • Any colour combination and housing size (2-5 positions) available
  • 6 lens colours, 3 housing colours
  • LED steady or flashing light for each position selectable
  • Particular lens optics with reflective coating
  • Optimal signalling effect and visibility from each viewing angle (180°)
  • Optional piezo buzzer in upper housing area available (continuous and pulsing tone, 70-90 dB)
  • Plc fit (leakage, inrush current)
  • UL type 4/4X/13   

Light modules mounted in housings of halfDOME products work for nominal voltages 24 V AC/DC, 110/120 V AC and
230/240 V AC with an operating voltage of 24 V only; 12 V AC/DC models work with 12 V operating voltage.

For design reasons light modules cannot be changed after dispatch of product!