Esen Elektrik


Weatherproof Telefonlar
  • well designed, analogue weatherproof telephone
  • well suitable for universal applications and areas with high humidity,
  • seawater climates or areas with higher mechanical stress (work areas etc.)
  • housing made of polycarbonate
  • housing colours: yellow, red, grey or black
  • can be used as desk or wall telephone
  • models with or without display
  • models with spiral or armoured courd
  • models without keys and display for hotline/emergency use
  • - keypad inside housing for storage of dialling numbers
  • direct key and telephone book for model with display
  • call tone approx. 95 dB (A) in 1 m
  • option: receiver can be firmly fixed - stabilizer bracket
  • (e.g. for applications on vessels, moving machines etc.)
  • menu german/english/french/spanish
  • PIN code
  • easy to mount