Esen Elektrik

UF220APA Serisi

External Rotor Fan
General Data:    
Frame/Housing   :  Aluminum die-casting
Impeller   : Plastic or steel.
Bearing System   : Ball bearing
Motor   : Shaded pole or capacitor start-run
Protection   : Impedance - Protected or Thermally - Protected
Insulation Resistance   : Above 100MOhm, DC500V
Dielectric withstand voltage         : AC 1,500V (50/60Hz) one minute
Life Expectancy   : Ball bearing: Over 40,000 hr. (at 40°C)
Safety Approval    : CUL, CE, TUV, either UL or ETL.
Description of Model No  
1.Model Series: 2.Blade Diameter: 3.Sort of Fan 4.Sort of Blade:
UF: Fulltech Option 1) E A:Centrifugal Fan A:Aluminum
  E: EC Motor B:Axial Fan P:Plastic
  Option 2) Black D:Blower Fan M:Welded Steel
  133(72): 133mm(72mm Thick)   N:Pressed Steel
  133(91): 133mm(91mm Thick)    
  180: 180mm    
  180(55):180mm(55mm Thick)    
  225(99):225mm(99mm Thick)    
  225(85):225mm(85mm Thick)    
  225(69):225mm(69mm Thick)    


4.Air Check:

Centrifugal Fan Axial Fan Blower Fan  
A: Backward Curve, Single Air Intake A: Air Discharge out of Rotor Side B:Forward Single Air Inlet  
B: Forward Curve, Single Air Intake B: Air Discharge Opposite Rotor Side C:Forward Dual Air Inlet  
C: Forward Curve, Dual Air Intake      
6.Voltage:   7.Speed   8.Sort of Motor   9.Poles of Motor 10.Special Requirement:
11:115V   H1:High   A : 3 Phases   2: 2P Axial Fan
23:230V   M1:Medium   S : Shaded Pole   4: 4P A: Standard with Frame
38:380V   L1:Low   C : Capacitor Run Motor   6: 6P E: Without Frame
        D : Single Phase EC Motor     B: With Low Guard / No Frame
                      C: With High Guard / No Frame
              D: With Guard & Duct Centrifugal Fan
              A: Standard
              F: With Mounting Disl