Esen Elektrik

UDF - 60 mm

LED - Çakan Işıklar
  • Ø 65 mm large comprehensive modular beacon range
  • Modern, efficient and long life LED beacons in functions
  • LED steady/flashing (externally addressable) and
  • LED multi strobe
  • (6 times fast strobe and multi strobe patterns addressable)
  • Steady beacon option with BA15d socket for 4 W incandescent bulb
  • Comprehensive range of mounting options
  • Optimized illumination/brightness and signalling effect
  • Modular design with high ingress protection IP 66
  • Optionally available protective vent for pressure balance in harsh weather conditions (humidity, high temperature fluctuations, etc.) for UMW, UMF, UNL
  • Comfortable connection technique with high contact safety (push-in or clamping yoke terminals)
  • Lenses and housing made of high-resistant polycarbonates
  • 6 lens colours
  • For use in industrial/general applications
  • Fit for plc applications (leakage, inrush current)
  • UL type 4/4X/13 (except UNL and UMW+UVS)