Esen Elektrik

dSF1, dSF2

Ex proof Çakan Işık
  • visual signal device with powerful xenon tube for use in
  • explosion endangered areas of zones 1 and 2
  • typical applications in chemical/petrochemical industries, refineries,
  • vessel/aircraft industries, ammunition depots, fork lifts etc.
  • sturdy aluminium housing, coated or powder coated
  • compact dimensions - also suitable for building in (only lens visible)
  • flameproof chamber "d" - terminal connection chamber
  • in protection class increased safety "e"
  • for continuous operation
  • models with 5 or 15 J strobe energy
  • hardened glass lens (borosilicate glass), 5 J and 15 J model with
  • protection cage made of stainless steel
  • 5 lens colours