Esen Elektrik

IC Dış Ortam Analog Dahili Telefon IC

Weatherproof Telefon Aksesuarları
  • Analogue intercom telephone with amplified listening in stainless steel housing
  • Can be integrated into any analogue private branch exchange systems (PABX)
  • Vandalism proof and extremely robust as system is based on pure amplified listening without receiver
  • Integrated relay allows activation of individual switching actions such as door closing, signalling, etc.
  • Programmable system features – for example:
  • dialing procedures, automatic call acceptance or call rejection, automatic interlinking of telephone numbers when „busy“ or after a certain time elapsed, call melodies, ringing sound pressure levels, etc.
  • Corrosion-free and robust stainless steel housings with IP 66 protection for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Protected against unauthorized opening or manipulations of intercom telephone
  • Tamper contact (sabotage contact)
  • Integrated call display
  • Models with microphone key and 3 speed code dialogue keys
  • Surface and panel mount product options