Esen Elektrik


Işıklı Çok Sesli Alarm Siren A
  • comprehensive range of visual-audible signalling products with dominant audible multi tone sounder and additional visual light indicator
  • 3 tones externally switchable
  • 63 tones
  • for most different visual-audible signalling requirements in the industry, process control, fire/gas alarm, marine, etc.
  • light indicators in most up-to-date LED technique
  • (long lifetime, low current consumption, vibration proof)
  • - LED steady/flashing light indicators (ADX) or
  • - LED strobe light indicators (ACX)
  • (2 strobe patterns - double/6 time strobe)
  • versatile installation and mounting options
  • tone and light separately switchable
  • tone table includes international and standardized signal tones for fire/gas alarm and other applications
  • optional/customized tones/tone tables upon request
  • fit for plc applications (leakage, inrush current)


The Candela values refer to colour clear (white) at 230 V operating voltage and a measuring angle of 1° in axial direction.